Quick Loans in Ireland - Fast Solution with Minimum Efforts

Are you prepared enough for any financial emergency? If your answer is ‘no’, then you should do it now. However, you do not need to approach to your near ones when the option of quick loans is there to utilise. Whether you have to manage the increasing cost of your children’s school fees or the celebrated day of the wedding is marching closer, these loans bring the financial help on an immediate basis, and you can come out from any financial tangle.

These are the features that you will get while applying for these instant loans in Ireland at EasyMoneyforCash :

  • Easily borrow the amount from €1000 to €7,000
  • No paperwork, no delay
  • Fairly priced interest rates
  • Viable lending terms
  • Automatic deduction option for repayments
  • No credit assessment for first-time borrowers
financial circumstances

These are the unsecured loans and the lender does not require any collateral to approve the loan applications. Your assets will not be on the risk of losing their possession.

3 Easy Ways to Avail Quick Cash Loans for Unemployed

Apply for these cash loans in Ireland to avoid the lengthy procedure and face firmly any emergency you have during the period of no job in hand. At EasyMoneyforCash, we have a simple and secure application procedure that requires the following steps:

DECIDE THE BORROWING AMOUNT: Analyse your financial situation and then decide how much amount you want to borrow. First, make your mind on to the amount according to the present needs and then, follow the further procedure.

ONLINE APPLICATION MAKES PROCESS SMOOTH: You do not need to make physical appearance rather visit our website and complete the procedure within a few minutes. There will be a short and simple online loan application that you can follow by sitting at your home or your working place.

LOAN DECISION COMES QUICKLY: Once we get your loan request, we don’t take too much time in approving your loan application. After this procedure, you will get the required money into your account as instantly as on the same day.

Undoubtedly, these fast loans are the ideal way to get away with small financial issues irrespective of your jobless status.

Where You Can Use Quick Loans?

Fulfilling personal needs is crucial to have a smooth financial life. EasyMoneyforCash Ireland gives you the freedom to choose these short term loans to accomplish what you have desired for. Since our inception, we have helped many people to have the loan benefits,comfortably and you can also join them by applying here and get away with financial hurdles.

Purposes that can be fulfilled through these instant loans can be pointed out as:

Holiday Expenses

Preparation for Festivals

Urgent Car Repair

Purchase of household items

Home renovation

Emergency bills

Family commitments

Uses of Quick Loans

These are only the examples, as many more purposes will be achieved with these funding sources. One more thing is that we are accepting the loan applications with no guarantor needed. It will save time and you don’t have to reveal your financial situations to anyone.

Quick Funding Access Through Home Credit Service

EasyMoneyforCash Ireland vouches for providing the best lending service to Irish citizens. We leave no stone unturned to offer you loans on the most convenient way. Doorstep loans are the best example of it where we send our representative to your home to process the loan, and the same professional will come again to collect the repayments on a weekly and monthly basis.

We offer these services to those, who are:

Living on benefits

Not having any bank account

Unemployed individuals

On maternity leave

Having an issue of bad or no credit scores

Applying for quick loans here would not just satisfy you in getting instant financial help, but also gives you peace of mind when so many problems are trapping you. Thus, don’t bring dual thoughts in your mind, just continue to apply here…


How Can I Get A Loan Fast?

Yes, you can get a loan. For that, you need to approach the direct lenders of instant loans in Ireland that exist online and process everything accordingly. Other factors are:

  • No obligation of a guarantor
  • Instant approval decision
  • Timely fund disbursement
  • No constraint of credit score status

How Can I Make Money Immediately?

The online lenders that provide funds on the flexible policies can fulfil this desire through the quick loans in Ireland. These are the short-term loans with fast lending procedures. Within a few minutes, you can complete the application procedure that has only three steps.

  • Apply online
  • Get approval decision
  • Get money transferred in a bank account

Where's The Easiest Place To Get A Loan?

The online lenders today provide emergency loans in Ireland. The lending companies like EasyMoneyforCash Ireland can be the right choice to consider borrowing funds easily. The pre-conditions to this are:

  • Fast and paperless process
  • No physical verifications
  • No need to back your application with a guarantor
  • No need to secure the repayments with collateral

Can I Get A Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes, you can borrow despite imperfect credit score performance through bad credit loans on an instant decision in Ireland. The direct online lenders like EasyMoneyforCash facilitate this through their 24x7 availability and 365 days lending service irrespective of bank holidays. Due to high approval rate, you can expect a ‘Yes’ for 99 applications out of 100.

Can You Get A Personal Loan With A Credit Score Of 550?

The answer is not impossible to come in a ‘Yes’. Only a few names like EasyMoneyforCash Ireland can be mentioned as an example. This is an online loan company with specialised products to facilitate very bad credit personal loans in Ireland through online procedure. The prime concerns of the lender are your current income status, and the latest bank statement.

Can You Borrow Money with Bad Credit?

With online lending, you can positively borrow money despite the bad credit. This made the presence of bad credit accepted loans possible, and that too with enhancing features like no upfront fee, no prepayment penalty, instant approval decision etc. Borrow funds online, pay them on time and by the end of the loan tenure, here you go... the credit rating reaches to an upgraded level.

What Do I Need To Qualify For Quick Loans?

The conditions to apply and then qualify for quick loans on the same day in Ireland are not complicated. Just prove repayment capacity and get funds in a short while. It is best to have a good credit score, but you can borrow funds despite low credit rating. You can borrow from €1000 to €7,000.

What Is The Procedure Of Instant Loans?

Instant loans in Ireland have a simple procedure that is completely online. The procedure is -

  • Fill and submit the loan request online. The application form asks about some basic financial and personal details
  • Get the approval decision in a few minutes
  • Funds reach to your account

The repayment plans are flexible and instalments go through the auto-debit. No need to visit the lender or deposit money in any account.

Will I Have To Pay Any Additional Fees To Get A Quick Loan?

If you are applying at EasyMoneyforCash, then you will be not asked for any additional fee to get Quick Loans in Ireland. However, other financial aspects such as your income status might be checked to analyse your repayment potential.

How Much I Can Borrow In Quick Loans?

At EasyMoneyforCash, you can get from €1000 to €7000 in quick loans if you are a resident of Ireland. The amount granted by the lender after the assessment of the borrower’s application and analysing your financial circumstances.

I Need Urgent Funding, Whom To Contact?

Very few renowned lenders in the market offer quick loans on the same day in Ireland and EasyMoneyforCash is one of them. To apply for the loan,

  • You need to visit the website
  • Fill the online application form with your basic details and submit it
  • If approved, the amount will be transferred on the same day

However, make sure to apply for the loan as soon as possible during the working hours.

Can I Qualify For Short Term Loans Even With Poor Credit History?

Yes, you can qualify for short term loans even if you have a poor credit history. There are many reputed lenders like EasyMoneyforCash who provide bad credit loans and at an instant decision in Ireland.

What Are Quick Loans?

These loans are small amounts of loans that are specially designed for those who have a bad credit history or need quick financing help to meet the situation demands or unexpected scenario.

How to Get Quick Loans Same Day in Ireland?

You can get quick loans on the same day easily in Ireland. You have to approach direct lenders, like EasyMoneyforCash, and fill an online application form with all necessary details, like name, and amount you require. And, if all the information seems authentic, then you will get the amount with same day approval.

Is It Possible To Get Quick Loans With Bad Credit Score?

Yes, there is a possibility to get quick loans even with the less-than-stellar credit score. All you have to prove the lender that you will pay the borrowing money on schedule time. You can either show your income source, spouse income or benefits that you receive from the government or company.

How Can I Get A Cash Loan In 1 Hour In Ireland?

Process of receiving fund with cash loan is easy. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Choose the amount that you need
  • Send essential details with email or via the registered phone number
  • Once they go through the details, you will receive the amount within minutes

In this way, you can get the money in 1 hour in Ireland.

Shop Direct Ireland Ltd Quick Loan

Loan Type


Loan Amount

£1,000 to £35,000

Representative APR

10.6% APR

Loan term

1 year to 5 years

Representative Example: The representative rate is 10.6% APR (fixed) so if you borrow £15,000 over 5 years at a rate of 10.6% p.a (fixed) you will repay £319.57 per month and £19,174.37 in total.

Esvic Limited Guarantor Loan

Loan Type


Loan Amount

£500 to £10,000

Representative APR

49.9% APR variable

Loan term

1 year to 5 years

Representative Example: The representative rate is 49.9% APR (variable) so if you borrow £4,000 over 3 years at a rate of 49.9% p.a (variable) you will repay £195.16 per month & £7,025.76 in total.

Allied Credit Ltd Quick Loan

Loan Type


Loan Amount

£1,000 to £15,000

Representative APR

93.6% APR

Loan term

2 years to 5 years

Representative Example: The Representative APR is 79.4% APR (variable) so if you borrow £3,000 over 2 years at a rate of 59.9% p.a (variable) you will repay £217.24 per month & £5,213.68 in total.

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